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su casa augs
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Su Casa. likes. Charlotte's monthly oasis for the culturally starved a premiere Afro-fusion dance party.
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The newest addition to the student gallery in Christensen Center is Phase 1 of the nonprofit organization OverExposure's newest initiative, entitled What's New? OverExposure creates partnerships between photographers and tax-exempt nonprofits. The exhibit, featuring 10 Photographers, 10 Neighborhoods and 10 perspectives, will be in the Christensen Center from Nov.

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Anita Roddick tried to imagine what the world would be like if beauty were the central plank of the government's manifesto. What a fantastic idea. Among Anita Roddick's many enthusiasms was her garden, the perfect backdrop to her collection of contemporary sculpture. In one of her final interviews before she died last week, she told Elspeth Thompson why green was not only her philosophy, but also her favourite colour. The Brighton Argus is championing a move to place a blue plaque on the site of Anita Roddick's original Body Shop, which she opened in

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