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Old People React to Internet Porn

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Day 193: Kristin Is Not a Big Internet Girl

The TikTok opens on a teen girl with half-green, half-black hair, a compact of pink blush in one hand and a brush in the other. As she mouths along with the words, she cakes the blush on her cheeks and her nose, making her look like she spent too long in the sun. TikTok lets users make videos up to 15 seconds long, set either to popular music or sounds they upload themselves.

Meet Bella McFadden aka "Internet Girl", the year-old serving up some It's a major blessing that I am able to travel between these two.
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meet internet girl, the star of marilyn manson's new favourite movie production company and as a film major I was stoked to be on board.
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Snapchat: Mudditchgirl91 is three minutes and ten seconds of pure internet. In the film, Bella, playing a character called Mudditchgirl91 an allusion to tweets by another mysterious online celebrity, Lauren Avery , loses her mind in a dark pit of longing for Mudditchboy. She writhes around in Easy Cheese, bursts detergent pods onto her shirt and threatens to cut her tongue in two. Earlier this week Playboy called it "the weirdest Snapchat video of all time," and it's either a sign that the End Times are coming, or a brilliant satire of internet culture in

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